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Renaissance Dental — Renaissance Dental Plan 2

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Plan Details

Renaissance Dental Plan 2 55 and Over has no waiting period for oral exams, bitewing X-rays and teeth cleaning. The plan covers 50% of two annual teeth cleanings in network and out-of-network based on the Renaissance PPO fee table. This Renaissance plan has a $50 annual deductible and a generous annual maximum benefit of $1,000.

  In-network Out-of-
Waiting Periods
Preventive and Diagnostic
Diagnostic and Preventive services* -
Used to evaluate existing conditions and/or to prevent dental abnormalities or disease (includes exams and cleanings twice per year, bitewing X-rays, and fluoride treatments to age 14)
50% 50% None
Periodontal prophylaxis -
Periodontal maintence following active periodontal therapy
50% 50% 6 Months
Denture Repair -
Relines and repairs to bridges, removable bridges, partial dentures, and complete dentures
50% 50% 6 Months
Minor restorative services—
Used to repair teeth damaged by disease or injury (for example, silver fillings and white fillings)
50% 50% 6 Months
Emergency palliative treatment* -
Used to temporarily relieve pain
50% 50% None
Radiographs/diagnostic imaging* -
X-rays as required for routine care or as necessary for the diagnosis of a specific condition
50% 50% 6 Months
Oral surgery services—
Extractions and dental surgery, including local anesthesia, suturing, if needed, and routine post-operative care
50% 50% 12 Months
Endodontic services—
Used to treat teeth with diseased or damaged nerves (for example, root canals)
50% 50% 12 Months
Periodontic services—
Used to treat diseases of the gums and supporting structures of the teeth
50% 50% 12 Months
Prosthodontic services—
Used to replace missing natural teeth (for example, bridges, dentures, and implant services)
50% 50% 12 Months
Crown and cast restorations—
Tooth restorations including metal and porcelain crowns
50% 50% 12 Months
TMD treatment—
Treatment for jaw and facial joint disorders
50% 50% 12 Months
Maximums and deductible
Contract year maximum $1,000 per member
TMD Lifetime maximums $300 - per member
Deductible (per contract year) $50.00

Note: The above summary is a sample of benefits. Policies have exclusions and limitations that may limit coverage. For complete coverage details, please refer to your policy (in Oregon, refer to policy INVD-100A-OR v2 and in Idaho refer to policy INVD-100A-IDv2). The policy term is one year. Coverage may be terminated for reasons stated in the policy. Coverage ceases upon termination of the policy. Underwritten by Renaissance Life & Health Insurance Company of America, Indianapolis, IN, and in New York by Renaissance Health Insurance Company of New York, New York, NY. Products and services referred to on this web site are not available in all states or jurisdictions.

Waiting Periods on Types of Services
Preventive None
Diagnostic None
Basic 6 months
Major 12 months

Preventive care
  • Routine oral exams – two per benefit year
  • Prophylaxis (cleaning and scaling of teeth) – two per benefit year
Diagnostic care
  • Bitewing X-rays - one per benefit year
Basic care
  • Full-mouth X-rays (panoramic film)
  • Fillings (restorations) – amalgam restorations, composite restorations for anterior teeth and bicuspids, and sedative fillings
  • Maintenance prosthodontics
Major care
  • Simple extraction
  • Periodontic services
  • Inlays, onlays and crowns
  • Prosthetic services – dentures, bridges and implants
  • Endodontics (root canals)
  • Oral surgery