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Plan Details

  Services Coverage Waiting Period
Preventive Exams, cleanings 100% None
Basic Fillings, extractions, X-rays 40% 1st year
55% 2nd year
70% 3rd year +
Major Root canals, crowns, dentures 20% 1st year
30% 2nd year
50% 3rd year +;

Why choose the Humana Dental Loyalty Plus plan?

  • Choose any dentist you like
  • No waiting periods
  • Preventive services covered 100%
  • One-time deductible as long as you stay with the plan
  • Percentage paid for basic and major services increases over three years
  • Maximum benefit limit increases over three years
  • Recurring premiums can be paid via mail, phone or online. Initial premiums require ACH or a debit or credit card.